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front of the u.s. capitol, this is half an hour. >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of united states. >> detail, colors. present arms. [silence] >> detail, color guard, right shoulder, order. arm. >> please stand for the assessment of the colors like united states capitol police, and remain standing for our national anthem. [silence] >> detail, color guar guard. present arms. >> we will now have the national anthem by kathy williams. ♪ oh, say, can you see ♪ by the dawn's early light ♪ what so proudly we hailed ♪ at the twilight's last gleaming? ♪ ♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars ♪ ♪ thro' the perilous fight ♪ o'er the ramparts we watched ♪ were so gallantly streaming t ♪ and the rockets red glare ♪ the bombs bursting in air ♪ gave proof through the night ♪ that our flag was still there ♪ ♪ oh, say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave ♪ ♪ o'er the land of the free ♪ and the home of the brave? >> detail, color guard. order, right shoulder, arms. >> please remain standing for the invocation. >> please join me in prayer. our gracious fathe
of access to new drugs, not only in the united states, but throughout the world. others have referred to a number of basic facts, that the united states, for example, has 1.2 million persons living on hiv. and with new infections, that number is growing every year. i can remember when the size of the community was considered 200,000 people and now it's 1.2 million people. and five years from now, it will be more than 1.2 million people. you mentioned the cost of a triplet being $25,000 a year. that's a fairly inexpensive calculative in the current environment in the united states. some of the more expensive regimes, even for treatment of these patients could be as much as $35,000 and for people that have developed drug resistance, which a lot of patients that will happen to them over their period of treatment is a lifelong treatment occur at present. the treatments could be $50,000 to $75,000 per year. i don't see how you take a country with 1.2 million people that have that condition and impose those kinds of astronomical costs. the cdc currently says 64% of the people living in the
the halls of the united states congress, i have the feeling that the more the american people understand this concept, the more support that there will be. and i think it's fair for me to tell you that i do not expect the legislation that we'll be discussing today to be passed tomorrow or the next few months. for the united states congress, this is a fairly radical piece of legislation. we have many billions of dollars of opposition that will be out there from drug companies and other sources. but i believe from the bottom of my heart that this issue is so important that discussion has got to begin as soon as possible, and that's what we're doing today. so the ideas that people may be hearing on c-span today may seem fairly radical. in a few years they're not. i think what we're talking about is fairly sense cal and they're best for our country and people throughout the world. i want to thank all of you for being here, not just for being here today but for the work many of you have done for many, many years on this subject. i start my approach to health care from a very basic premise. th
that operating domestically and the investigative authority within the united states. we would be helpless if we did not work with dhs, cia, nsa, and the rest of the intelligence community. if there is one substantial change that has made the biggest difference, i would say breaking down the traditional walls between the intelligence community and the domestic law enforcement community because information flows very easily over borders now, and you cannot just see one piece of the puzzle without getting the other piece. it has made a tremendous difference and given rise to the approach from all of us that says we want to work together in a task force context. >> for our radio listeners, you are listening to the commonwealth club of california radio program. our guest today is fbi director robert muller discussing security threats concerning the united states. we would like to ask you a little bit about the national security implications of our energy policy, an issue of much concern in the news and certainly here in silicon valley. what might you say about the relationship between energy policy
's a friend and ally of the united states. we are not calling for australian membership. we are calling for a partnership to develop. australia trains more energetically with germany and britain and france. you already trained significantly with the united states. let's say there is another humanitarian disaster the way there was in december of 2004 what happened on december 26th, australia, united states and japan and india deployed together to help the people of sri lanka and southern india because we had trained together in the air and sea. we want that type of cooperation. you have been a stalwart ally in afghanistan but you had to do it on the run not having worked very much with the european allies. it is inculcating patterns of cooperation and military training and confers no obligation on the part of parter countries. in essence it is the best of both worlds for the asia-pacific allies from my perspective. >> also hearing the most frequent complaint from australian officials is you are more than happy to use soldiers and resources in battle but we are not involved in the plannin
the united states government our embassy been able to in any way make contact with your extended family and friends who are at grave risk and suffering beatings crux >> [speaking chinese] i'm not free career on the specifics, but i do know the u.s. embassy has been communicating with me everyday. >> your wife and children, how well are they doing on this enormous burden clacks >> [speaking chinese] mcminn they're doing fine especially my children, my wife and i that this is such a wonderful place we can play outside, and he said you can tell from what they told my wife and i held terrible back to our home town. >> [speaking chinese] >> translator: because my wife and children have been under such a long time of difficulty with of the nutrition and lubber and pressure -- low blood pressure and when i saw them under the circumstances i felt very saddened. >> [speaking chinese] the panel witnesses to suggest to hire his own lawyers not to accept the government appointed lawyers for his family members. >> i am wondering whether there is any lawyer that has been accepted to be. we have heard
and credit of the united states government. >> reporter: now, wolf, an aide to speaker boehner said that president obama said that he would not go along with any spending cuts in order to increase the debt ceiling and then we heard something different from minority leader nancy pelosi who said that the president was trying to talk about balance, meaning compromise and maybe some tax increasesas well as some spending cuts. so we're getting differing versions of what was discussed at the meeting. >> the speaker did leave one opening there, brian a that he would not accept any tax rate increases and there would be tax revenue from tax reform, there were loopholes, for example, that's one area that they may be able to get to some sort of agreement. it was six, seven months and not such a long time and it was a tough time during the lame duck session. thanks very much brianna keilar at the white house. over at the u.s. senate they've been spending the day spinning their wheels in heated debates. let's take a closer look on the senate chamber where they're voting on five different plans w
party's political ideology. it is the responsibility to the congress to ensure that the united states of america pays its bills, that it maintains its credit worthiness, that it fulfills its obligation and maintains the full faith in credit that it has long enjoyed. >> the comments of jay carney earlier today. the headline from the washington times, sparks fly at a white house meeting. joining us live on the phone is susan crabtree who posted the story a short while ago. thank you for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> we have the he said she said statements from the speaker of the house, john boehner, reaction from nancy pelosi saying the speaker's characterization of the meeting wasn't quite right. as you indicated and others indicated some rather tense words, if you want to say tense, between the president and the speaker on the debt limit vote. what have you been able to glean from the session? because nobody spoke on the record after the session. >> it seemed like the white house portrayed it in a friendly light when jay carney came out for comments saying it was a friend
the criminal division. in 1998, bob returned to san francisco as united states attorney. please join me in welcoming my good friend and one of america's most distinguished public servants, robert muller. [applause] >> let me start off by thanking mason for that kind introduction. i will say -- you often wonder when a former professor is going to introduce you. you do not know what is going to come out. but, thank you. you were there to kick start my career when it needed kick starting. let me thank the commonwealth club for having me back. it is great to be back in san francisco but also to be back with you this afternoon. two months ago, we marked the 10th anniversary of the september 11 attacks. the horrific events of that day were the prelude to a decade of political, economic, and cultural transformation, and globalization and technology have accelerated these changes. consider now how different our world was in the summer of 2001. leaders of egypt, iraq, and libya were entrenched in power. barack obama was an illinois state senator, and arnold schwarzenegger was a movie actor. 10 y
for individuals who immigrate to the united states on fiance visa and subjected to an abusive relationship. not only does the house bill miss these opportunities but it would remove the current accountality agreement for protections who still have immigrant status. it would inexplicablely reduce violence reporting requirements on colleges and universities. these are all tools widely used and supported by law enforcement officials to help keep communities safe by prosecuting criminals and protecting victims. the house bill would decentralize the violence against women immigration adjudication process, bypassing examiners who are trained in domestic violence and sexual assault instead mandating additional interviews on battered immigrants. these are people who usually have very limited options to protect themselves. we should not complicate the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in the united states. these victims of violence, usually women in the most difficult of circumstances, will be burdened, hindered and discouraged from seek
the president of the united states, george w. bush. [applause] >> thank you. please be seated. >> thank you for your kind words. all of us here today join you in hoping and praying for the end of violence and the advance of freedom and syria those that joined us for your example we honor your sacrifice and to celebrate your courage and we will support your struggle for as long as it takes. i want to think all of you for attending the washington launch of the freedom collection. i actually found my freedom by leaving washington. [laughter] but it's a good on occasion to be back to see old friends to a i want to thank those that work for the bush foundation and the more glendale's president. i think jimmy the founding director and all those that work for the bush institute. i want to thank you for joining us today. we are honored you are here. thank you for your leadership of the revolution. members of congress that join us i appreciate you taking time from your busy schedules. diplomatic corps think you for being here, and members of the bush at administration a mighty bush administration. t
of concern about the overhang in the united states. how does that cloud an investor's decision how they make money decisions? >> it's clear that the whole greek thing is going to fall apart, and no one knows exactly how, when or what falling apart really means for spain. no one is worried about greece per se. they're worried about what greece means for spain. >> tom: we know it means a stronger u.s. dollar. the dollar continuing to increase, and commodity prices drop. >> remember, you don't need to be the best currency in the world, just the least worse. and that's where the u.s. dollar is right now. look further. why would anybody put money in dollars as a safe haven? but right now, liquid, easy to get in and out. >> commodity sold off, gold, oil. natural gas rebounds from $2 to 2.50. is this an energy area you're looking for bargains. >> i'm looking for a bottom in natural gas. i think we'll bounce to $3, and ?r somewhere in there for a long time. >> and you're looking at alter petroleum. they have natural gas exploration production, and share price is half of what it was last summer. is t
that could affect the stability of the united states, those firms that could pose such a threat are subject to enhanced prudential standards. >> does it seem prudent to impose bank-like regulations on nonbanks? >> what we have proposed in section 165 and 166 is focused on the banks. that section applies to both bank-holding companies that are both 50 billion and above and any nonbank companies designated by the council. the standards that we have proposed are focused on the banks, but we have been given the authority in dodd frank to tailor the standards to the characteristics of a particular company, a nonbank company that is designated. and we have said that we will use those -- that authorization to tailor the standards as appropriate. >> and has the fsoc conducted a thorough cost benefit analysis on the designation of nonbanks as systemically important, specifically in regards to asset managers? >> so the agencies are obviously concerned about their costs and benefits of their actions and they want to bear in mind that this rule was not required in statute. the rule was designed to prov
it over to our mayor. the garden is the oldest japanese american garden in the united states. it is a historical japanese- style garden, originally billed as a village for the 1894 midwinter international exposition. after the exposition, a japanese-american partner along with john mclaren converted the exhibition into a permanent park. he over saw the building as the teagarden and was the official caretaker from -- until 1925. he requested the people of japan 1000 flooring cherry trees to be imported and other plants and birds and goldfish. his family lived in the garden until 1942. when under executive order 906, he was forced to relocate to an internment camp with thousands of other japanese american families. this barden was renamed the oriental tea garden and it fell into a state of disrepair. in the 1950's, we had moved forward and the rec and park renamed it the japanese tea garden. the first concessionaire was jack -- who many here had the incredible opportunity to honor. and we're very incredibly pleased to be planning -- planting a cherry tree from the consul genera
's not attached to the united states. you know, continental. >> you take on sarah palin over selling alaska, my friend. i'm not going anywhere near that. >> it's got oil. >> i hear you, quest. it is hard not to hear you. but let me tell you, a coup of years ago when this idea was floated, the then prime minister of greece had this to say. and it sounded a lot like you, but for the english act sent. and it was this -- there are more imaginative and effective ways to dealing with the deficit than selling off greek islands. we cherish these islands. and selling them would be out of the question. it would not help. but honestly, i do fleed to ask you with your business acumen, why would it not help? >> because this is not just a solvency issue. this isn't just about debt. it's not just about greece's inability to pay its current bills. it's about reform and competitiveness of the greek economy. it's about greece trying to compete with fellow euro zone and european companies that are better in terms of production. they produce more for lower costs and are more profitable. now if you sell off the gre
, sir. we'll be back. >> i would like to formally endorse mitt romney for president of united states of america. for three hours a week, i'm a coach. but when i was diagnosed with prostate cancer... i needed a coach. our doctor was great, but with so many tough decisions i felt lost. unitedhealthcare offered us a specially trained rn who helped us weigh and understand all our options. for me cancer was as scary as a fastball is to some of these kids. but my coach had hit that pitch before. turning data into useful answers. we're 78,000 people looking out for 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. avoid bad.fats. don't go over 2000... 1200 calories a day. carbs are bad. carbs are good. the story keeps changing. so i'm not listening... to anyone but myself. i know better nutrition when i see it: great grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. see the seam? more processed flakes look nothing like natural grains. you can't argue with nutrition you can see. great grains. search great grains and see for yourself. for multi grain flakes that are an
some choice words for the commander-in-chief. >> first they say, you're dead broke, the united states of america, you can do anything you want, go for it. then you go for it and then you make it and everybody is like. [bleep] you just said go for it. megyn: fox news alert as mitt romney picks up new support from mr. 999 himself. herman cain expected to throw his support behind the presumptive g.o.p. nominee. this is not a big surprise. mr. cain you will remember was a candidate himself. we expect to have the announcement shortly. we'll bring it to you when we have it. new fallout today following comments president obama made during an interview on abc's the view. when asked to predict how close the white house race will be in november the president said this -- >> now you've officially kicked off your campaign for a second term. it was tight with john mccain back in 2008, so how tight do you think it's going to be with mitt romney. >> when your name is barack obama it's always tight. [applause] [laughter] >> barack hussein obama. megyn: joining me now money cake crowley. a radio talk
heard, if maggie hasson is not elected there will be no democratic women governors in the united states, not one. when i was pressurefresh out of law school, i had this burning desire to do something important and to have an impact in some way. but i didn't know what that impact would be. and i certainly never thought that i would run for office myself. in fact, if somebody had suggested it, i would have totally laughed out loud. sometimes, a door opens, and you have to gather the courage to run through it. so i was approached by friends who encouraged me to run for an open seat at that time was attorney general of michigan. for me it was a big risk. my friends, who were men affiliated with the democratic party, they encouraged me to take that risk as did my best friend and husband who gave me the final gentle push across the threshold. often, we women are risk-averse. i needed the push. now, more than ever young women need more seasoned women to provide that encouragement to take a risk to go for it. because once a glass ceiling is broken, it stays broken.
, technology, graduate programs who gets a degree and who wants to stay in the united states and work, and then go home -- what we would like for them to do instead of going home to create the next google in india or china or some other country, we'd like them to stay here and create it here. and it has broad brod support, it's a recommendation -- broad support, it has the recommendation of the america competes act which i worked on in 2005 and 2007, but i want to salute senator coons for his leadership on this and recognize it and now i'll turn to the budget with my remaining time. federal reserve chairman alan greenspan recently said the worst mistake president obama made was not embracing his own fiscal commission's recommendation to reduce our debt by $4 trillion over the next ten years. today, our national debt is more than $15.6 trillion, nearly $1.9 trillion higher than it was when the fiscal commission released its recommendations and $6.4 trillion higher than when president obama was sworn in. in january 2013 the first thing the next president will have to do is to ask the co
firms that could pose a threat to the financial stability of the united states. the council in its rule and guidance has stated that threat to the financial stability is where an impairment of financial mediation or financial activity could have a real effect on the real economy. so that is a standard on which a designation would ultimately be based. >> okay. one of the concerns i have is with the orderly liquidation authority you're probably aware, we tried to go with an enhanced bankruptcy look on this and failed so the liquidation authority rests with the fdic. again i'll go back to my original question. when you're looking at a nonbank entity, the fdic vice president more accustomed to working with banking entities. i want some confidence and i know you probably can't make a judgment statement, but is the competence there that the fdic has the expertise again to make judgments when trying to unwind nonbank institutions? is that a concern? >> well, chairman, we have the treasure ril department and other fsoc members that would be involved in any orderly liquidation authority have bee
deposits from every mom and pop. >> and the president. >> and the president of the united states. anyone who has more than $250,000 on deposit, they want to bank with j.p. morgan chase because it's too big to fail and they know that all of that money is backed up by the government even though it's not officially guaranteed by the fdic. they get these deposits in. they are a utility bank. and it is their job and duty in return for that implicit government backstop to take those deposits and lend them out into the economy. what do they do instead? >> tell us. >> they take the $360,000,000,000 and put it in a hedge fund in london. >> can i put this in plain english? j.p. morgan chase is doing what we don't want them to do taking the federal guarantee, gambling in the casino making either big money, which they keep or losing big money and making us bail them out. >> that's why we want the voelker rule. jamie dimon is lobbying against it. >>. >> saying look how profitable we are. he is happy with the money the london-based hundred fund makes. they love the
said and praised as being one of the best bankers in the united states. so the obama administration looks tough on banks. they're more than likely looking at what the company knew when they knew it and whether or not there's anything they're covering up right now. >> woodruff: dawn, you had something about a conference call that jamie dimon held with investors back in mid april. >> oh, yeah. jamie dimon on his analyst calls-- i've been covering the company about two nears years now-- on his calls he almost always cracks jokes and asks a stupid question. he always goes off on government regulation. in this that call in mid april when dimon says he didn't know how bad the trade was or didn't know that there was a problem was asked about it, he was uncharacteristically, you know, calm and quiet. he stuck to what seemed like kind of a scripted format. he was very, you know, he just wasn't himself. he wasn't himself on that call in mid april. that's after, shortly after everyone started reporting, you know, that particular division had a big problem. so, that came... those stories came o
medicine industry in the united states is estimated to be about a $3 billion money maker for the drug companies. and to say that you're going to make it more difficult for companies to sell this product really is not a very popular idea. >> tonight, frontline, in association with the "oregonian," looks again at the meth epidemic to investigate a potential new cure and the battle raging over it. >> the truth is that the oregon solution works. and for states that are struggling with that issue, the stakes couldn't be higher. >> frontline is made possible by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. and by the corporation for public broadcasting. major funding is provided by the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation, committed to building a more just, verdant, and peaceful world. and by reva and david logan, committed to investigative journalism as the guardian of the public interest. additional funding is provided by the park foundation, dedicated to heightening public awareness of critical issues. by tfrontline journalism fund, supporting investigat
married my husband 34 years ago. he has dual citizenship with the united states and with switzerland. by operation of swiss law, automatically, because i married a dual citizen, on my wedding day, i was giving swiss citizenship. so i have had that for all 34 years of our marriage. the issue came up last week, a lot of people thought i was giving up u.s. citizenship. i wanted people to know, i have pledged allegiance to the united states eevery day of my life -- >> greta: were there new papers recently? >> one child -- they are eligible for dual citizenship and they were filing and this came to light. i wanted people to know, without a shadow of a doubt, i'm an american, first, last and always. i asked the swiss consalate to withdraw my swiss citizenship. i am 100% american. >> greta: no deals on on swiss watches? >> have you to go on the streets of manhattan for those. >> greta: but they are counterfeit. we had fun, i must admit, last week. always nice to see you. >> good to see you. >> greta: is california governor jerry brown trying to cool it'll californians? what are californians
, the president of the united states is honoring his bravery and his sacrifice. >> tonight, an american hero remembers. and going up against ticket master. how some musicians are scalping seats to their own shows to cut out those service charges and save fans some money. but first from fox this wednesday night. get ready for another round in the boxing match over america's debts. because democrats and republicans are gearing up for a brand new fight over whether to raise america's debt ceiling. that's the limit on how much the country is allowed to borrow. it's like how much you can charge before your credit card maxes out. you'll remember the debt ceiling caused quite a fight last summer. some suggested it was politically choreographed. one that nearly caused the government to default on its debts. and today president obama met with democratic and republic lawmakers to tackle the issue once again. but even before that meeting began, we saw signs it's not going to go smoothly. >> one of the ways that we can sustain momentum is for congress to take some actions right now, even though it's ele
. >> the president of the united states of america authorized by act of congress march 3rd, 1863 awarded in the name of congress the medal of honor to specialist leslie h.sabo jr. united states army, for gallant try at risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty. and the specialist for sabo jr. had gallant try above and beyond the call of duty at cost of his life as a rifle men in company b, 101st airborne decision in cambodia, may 10, 1970. on that day, the specialist and his platoon conducted a patrol and ambushed from all sides by a large enemy force. without hesitation, the specialist charged enemy position killing several enemy soldiers, and thereafter, he assaulted an enemy force and drawing their fire away from friendly soldiers, and forcing the enemy to retreat. in order to resupply ammunition, he sprinted across an open field to a wounded scam road. as he began to reload a grenade landed nearby and specialist sabo picked it ups threw it and shielded comrade with his own body absorbing the brunt of the blast and saving his comrade's life. seriously wound by the blast, sabo retaped the
to freedom, one from within. that is their debt and our debt. the world looks to the united states for an example. it is an example of a free people whose hard work and sacrifice make a vibrant economy. if unleashes world-class products. it is never content with status quo. i got an example growing up and working in my dad's bar. instead of the shining example of what does the world see, the president lost his rating for the first time in our history. the senate has not passed a budget in three years, and earlier, another unemployment report showing the greatest economy remained unable to create enough jobs for lasting economic growth. you should know i am an optimist. we do not have to except a new normal were the work place looks like a battlefield and families have to endure week job prospects and higher prices in their daily lives. we have every reason to believe we can come out of this more prosperous than ever. we can confront our challenges while we still have the ability to do so. for the solution to what ails our economy, it is not the government. it is the american people
's last 30 minutes in the limelight was that he was the victim of a conspiracy led by the united states. >> a conspiracy was born, all systems put into motion, and here i stand today. i never stood a chance. >> the former liberian president once again insisted on his innocence, saying he would never have supported the rebels who committed atrocities. in stark contrast to guilty judgment, he said he had been working for peace in sierra leone. >> what i did to help bring peace to sierra leone was done with honor. >> his speech will not change what happened in the sierra leone capital in 1999. the former president of liberia help plan an attempted takeover by rebels. the widespread atrocities committed at the time included the amputation of innocent civilians limbs, murder and rape. the judges have left no doubt that they think charles taylor knew about these atrocities. >> in relation to an assessment -- in-line >> the prosecution has called for mr. taylor to be given 80 years in jail. the defense says that is excessive. vinyl sentencing will take place in two weeks' time. -- final senten
service. this honors one of the most prominent gay man ever to serve in the united states military. lgbt people have served in the military since our country's birth. we have always been there. of course, through the vast majority of that history we have been oppressed, forced to stay in the closet, expelled, and at times criminally prosecuted. but we have always served because lgbt citizens, like all americans, come from all walks of life and career. last year, president obama signed a repeal of the don't ask, don't tell legislation. lgbt people can now serve openly in the military. i cannot think of a better honor than to name a shift -- a sheet -- a ship after an lgbt military icon. harvey milk served in korea and oppose the vietnam war ended not like war as a general matter. the naming of the ship is supported by stuart mill, harvey's son. it is also supported by the veterans affairs commission, the american legion alexander hamilton post four hundred 48. -- 448. naming civil-rights -- ships after civil rights leaders is not just a brick, but sends a loud message that our country opp
. in the united states, the richest 1% owned 38% of all wealth. the bottom 90% hold 73% of all debt. we are wiping out the planet and the public is left holding the bag. we definitely need something completely different. putting the moral outrage aside for a second, this situation also puts cities at great risk. we've only gotten a taste of the destruction that -- disruption as possible with the numerous revolutions that broke out. the crisis will land hardest in cities. i see city's borrowing language from complexity theory, i see the boys and a critical state. it is a new situation. 50% of global population is urban, young, and connected by mobile phones. the young are the hardest hit here. in spain, the unemployment rate for young adults is around 50%. in the united states, college graduates are leaving school with an average of $24,000 in student loan debt into labor market for their age group that has not been as bad as it is today since the depression or the 1940's. the smallest thing can trigger a crisis now. it is a powder keg. on the other hand, along with this crisis is a powerful new se
would the failure of the company threaten the financial stability of the united states? we believe the answer is no. we cannot think of a single firm that would be brought down by its exposure to met life. would you agree with that statement? >> met life has been supervised by the federal reserve because it is a bank holding company. >> they are getting rid of their bank holding company. >> once they get rid of their bank holding company they will no longer be supervised by the federal reserve. >> would they come under the new regulati regulations? >> met life is a nonbank financial company. i'm fairly certain that 95% were not assets in nature. >> right. >> so -- i don't think the council has done an analysis -- i know the council has not done an analysis. >> it is a pretty easy question. >> i don't know whether the council plans to designate met life or not. >> that's not your decision. >> it's a bank holding company right now so for the moment the council can't -- >> the reason i bring that out is the fact that if you take a large company like met life and you treat them like a
and the united states. our debt exceeds that of the eurozone. swee have the larg we have the larger debt than they do. and president bush who is such a fine person noted, presided over a period in which our debt increased and it did increase. the largest amount was $480 billion in one year which was too large. president obama's never had a budget that is less than $1,200 billion deficit. next year will be over 1,000 billion again according to expert testimony. we are on an unsustainable path. i would note our 15.5 trillion for the united states is greater than the eurozone and the eurozone has a greater population than we do. let's look at this chart that drives the number home more again in case anybody is worried about it. i am. it shows the average debt per person in the countries that we have been reading about in financial trouble and hits them sometimes surprisingly. >> senator jeff sessions republican of alabama again the senate voting down the president's budget 99-0. senator mark kirk is not in attendance. >>> on capitol hill the house hearing that took place earlier today looking ag
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